Scheduling Your Tours

Well, Spring has sprung…finally!  I didn’t think it would ever get here.  With the Spring season comes lots of listing activity and lots of tours.  My schedule has been filling up quickly and this time of year it’s important to plan ahead.  My shooting schedule has been consistently booked about a week out.   A great way to stay ahead of the curve is to contact me as soon as you schedule the listing appointment.  Don’t wait until you’ve already got the property on the market because it may be several days before I’ll be able to get out there to photograph it.  A lot of Realtors that I shoot for on a regular basis schedule the listing date around the photo shoot.  This not a bad idea, especially if you do not want to take any photos yourself.  Remember, there is a new MLS guideline that requires at least one exterior photo in MLS within 7 days of the listing date.  If you find yourself with a new listing, but on the back side of my schedule, please take a few photos of the property yourself so your client has something out there for prospective buyers to see.  I’ll get there as quickly as I can!


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