Posting Your Tours to Social Networking Sites

I’ve mentioned social bookmarks in my newsletters before, but I feel it bears repeating.  Social networking sites are HUGE!  It seems everyone is on them whether they are at work or at play.  Massive amounts of information is being passed along via social networking sites as you read this.  It could be anything from simple status updates, “I’m sitting on the patio,” to family pictures, or…your latest LISTING!  I try to post most of the tours I create on Facebook.  Why? It’s not my listing.  True, but I’m a photographer and it’s what I do!  It spreads the word.  The same can be true for your listings.  Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the other networking sites out there, exposure is good and you should capitalize on it.  And… it’s free!

Posting your tours to social bookmarking sites is easy.  If you’re using the new Full Screen, HD Tours you find a “Share” button in the upper right hand corner of the tour.  Hover your mouse over that button a list of social networking sites will appear.  Just select your favorite and post to that site.   Look for this button.  

If you’re using my standard tours, at the bottom of our tours you’ll find a social bookmark bar. Click the button for your favorite networking site, follow a few steps for that site and it’s posted!  Your traffic goes up, your exposure goes up, and the opportunity to get that home sold has just increased.  Make sure your clients know about these bookmarking links too.  They can post your tour on their pages as well.  Before you know it, your tour is viral! I posted a tour for an agent several weeks ago on Facebook.  Their clients viewed it and posted it on their Facebook pages.  They had 114 hits on the tour in one evening!

Now, go out there, get social, and get seen!

Mark Miranda


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