MM Tours Go Full Screen and HD!

I’ve made the switch to a new tour program.  Yea!!!  My previous tour host has been teasing their network of photographers for a year now with full screen tours.  They finally released them…and I don’t like them.  From a development standpoint they are a pain to build and add more time to an already lengthy process to build a great tour. The standard tour, which I am still using, is still great, but these new tours are full screen, high definition and they are awesome!  Here is a sample:

These tours have almost all of the same features as the old tours.  I’m not even going to mention the differences because I’m betting you won’t miss them.  You still have the ability to share your tours via your social networks, download the tour and there is still a report that comes out each week with the hit stats.  You will even have your own landing page where you can view stats at any time and download images from the tour.

As I mentioned these tours are HD and Full Screen!  If you hover your mouse at the bottom of the tour a navigation pane will pop up.  On this pane you can toggle the music on or off, navigate through scenes, and if you select “full screen,” you guessed it!  The tour displays in the entirety of your monitor!

Now, I still have some tour credits with my previous provider that I must use.  For the time being the Full Screen tours will be available as a “Premier Tour” only.  Basic and Preferred tours will be fulfilled using the old tour window until I work through remaining credits.  As I mentioned in a previous post I am in the process of revamping the MM web site.  Prices will be changing but not necessarily increasing.  In fact, the price to post to has been reduced to $20.00 on the Premier Tours since I am no longer tied to the Picture Path data feed from the previous tour program.

I hope you enjoy the new tours.  I know I do!


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